To get this blog kicked off I thought I would share how my family and I discovered the love of and for Great Pyrenees. Grab some popcorn and your favorite snuggle buddy, we’re headed for a walk down memory lane!

My husband Josh and I were in Chicago, Illinois for his work and one morning while we were waiting for the mall to open we decided to stop at a pet store and pick up a few treats for our senior dog we had left boarded while on our trip. Less than 6 steps into this store we knew we were doomed. Standing in a kennel was a great white fluff monster staring directly at us while another chewed on the white ones tail. The white fluff monster was of course a Great Pyrenees puppy who we would find out was originally brought in with her brother but he had already found a home  at which point she was kennelled with a Bernese Mountain Dog to keep from being lonely. Stupidly we asked if we could pet and play with her, confident in our ability to “just say no”. We spent at least 30 minutes playing tug of war and petting her and fighting back all the kisses. Needless to say, we were hooked.

The staff stopped by and asked if we would be taking her home and Josh and I looked into each other’s eyes and could see the child inside both of us jumping up and down and screaming YES!!! But the adult had to step in, we advised we weren’t sure yet as we hadn’t come looking for a dog. Once more we were left alone with the adorable puppy and we began discussing whether we could afford it, if our dog back home would even like another dog in the house, could we give the puppy the kind of attention a puppy requires, and what if she got aggressive with our daughter? And then we looked into her big brown eyes and we knew, this was our dog. As it turned out this little Pyr was 4 months old, one of the oldest puppies they had and the largest.

We informed the store we were there on business and she could not stay in our hotel and they were very understanding. They said she could stay there until Friday (it was a Wednesday that we had found her) and we could pick her up before we left town. They also informed us they offer a free vet visit to one of their approved vet clinics and we were welcome to take her at any point before taking her home so we could have her looked over and have her health proven before taking her to another state. After signing her papers we stayed and played with our little white fluff ball now named Elsa (don’t judge me!) and I began teaching her the command “sit”. After an hour or so we left so she could rest but we would return later that night for more playing and working on commands.

The following day we stopped in and they had groomed her for us to take out and about. We bought her a leash and a collar and off we went to the vet where she received a clean bill of health and weighed in at 55lbs. We took her back to the sore to rest but again would come back that night for playing and training. The next day was the big day, we’d be taking her on a 6 hour car ride back home. While my husband was in his classes for work I spent they day buying Elsa travel gear including a seat cover, puppy pads, rubber chew toys, bones, water/food bowl, food and assorted treats for rewarding good behavior (I will be reviewing several of these items at a later time) I put puppy pads one on top of the other on the back seat, put the seat cover over it and tucked her other goodies on the floor out of her reach (the cover formed a hammock to keep the dog on the seat and hides the floor/covers the backs of the front seats) and anxiously awaited the time to pick her up. When at last Josh was done I picked him up and we went to get our new family member. The staff gave her many hugs and kisses goodbye, congratulated us and wished us much luck on the long ride home.

It took her a few minutes to settle down in the car but she spent the entire 6 hours laying down, she had no accidents and was also VERY quiet. I almost wish I had a horror story of a ride to share with you all to make this more interesting but she was a perfect angel the entire ride home. Kennel training now THAT is another story, and one for another day.