Ludo is the most recent addition to our family and we couldn’t be happier with him. In February 2016 while out to dinner with friends we were informed of a great, mostly white, dog being walked at the local animal shelter. We didn’t think too much of it as they also board pets but our friends were pretty determined that this was no pet and we needed to look into it. Days went by, we didn’t look into it, and suddenly I’ve got a Facebook notification informing me my own mother had shared a link to the shelter’s website which brought up the saddest brown eyes I had ever seen. I of course shared with my husband expecting nothing to come of it as we were pretty sure we didn’t need to be taking in another large beast just yet.

A few more days go by, I am at work being ever the productive employee when I get a phone call from my husband. Surprised as we’re more of the texting type I answer immediately expecting an emergency, instead I got a review of a very big, very sad dog in need of a home. I was shocked to say the least. Josh had taken it upon himself to go visit the Pyrenees at the shelter and although this giant had growled at my husband he felt I needed to pay the dog a visit. Luckily for everyone involved I had a day off approaching and was able to stop in. The large dog building was unlocked, the volunteer working it outside with another visitor and dog but I knew who I was looking for so I wandered down one side and started up the other when I saw him. When I tell you this dog was sad looking I mean it was heartbreaking. His neck had been completely shaved, much of his fur clipped and what remained was filthy. Just then the volunteer returned and asked if she could help me. This is the conversation that followed:

Me (M): Yes please, I’d like to get Bo (his shelter name) and and play with him if possible.

Volunteer (V): Oh he’s spoken for, I just pulled him from our website today actually.

M: That’s good! I’m happy he will be going to a home soon, I only stopped in because my husband was in a few days ago and told me I needed to come in and see Bo but if he’s got a home that’s really all that matters.

V: Wait, who is your husband? What’s he look like?

M: Josh? Tall, dark hair, beard?

V: Do you have a Great Pyrenees as home?

M: We sure do.

V: Oh well then he’s spoken for by you guys! We’ve been holding him for you and turning everyone else away.

And indeed they had. We often boarded our dog there whenever we went on trips so they knew us we took good care of our Pyr and wanted him to go to a home where the breed was known and understood. It turns out Ludo A.K.A. Bo had actually had two families before us, his first family purchased him as a puppy to guard their livestock however he was more than likely not actually given training and guidance and from what his second family told the shelter he had killed a lamb and was punished severely. His second family purchased him for an unknown reason and turned him over to the shelter sometime later also for unknown reasons. I was nervous about a dog so little was known of but after some snuggles in the snow I felt good enough to go home and bring Elsa to meet him.

When I returned we let the dogs sniff through the fence and when there was no sign of aggression we decided to turn them loose together. They sniffed, wagged tails and went their separate ways. Neither dog crowded the other, they just inspected the perimeter and when they were certain they were secure set about wrestling in the snow until they were too tired to move. I knew it was meant to be and 2 days later we brought him home. He didn’t respond much to Bo and seeing as David Bowie had just passed we wanted to pay tribute in some way shape or form and settled on naming our new previously abused and misjudged giant after another giant with a similar history from the movie The Labyrinth and the name Ludo just fit. Lou is the definition of gentle giant and I have hopes of getting him therapy certified but more on that to come!