Frank is the old man who runs our household, we haven’t an exact age for him but we estimate he is over the age of 10. He has lived a spoiled and pampered life from nearly the start but he acts like he used to be a rough and tumble alley cat. He made his way into our home by first being found as a kitten in an engine block. Josh’s best friend’s father found him inside of a vehicle he was working on and they raised him for the first 3-4 years of his life at which point he had to find a new home. And that’s where we come in. We took him in after we lost my previous grumpy old cat and had a hole in my heart that needed filled.

Frank has more than helped me to deal with the loss of a previous pet, he has given me so much love and immeasurable number of headaches over the years. When guests arrive Frank will great them at the door before anyone else, he will then ensure they are comfortable on the couch by herding them towards it, weaving beneath feet all along the way. Once seated he likes to make sure our company stays warm by either planting himself firmly on their lap or resting behind their head and making himself into a makeshift purring scarf. Frank has put up with our daughter dragging him about (he’s very large and she was very small), being dressed up and even being closed in a toy box. He never once has hurt her or anyone else, truly a gentleman.

Unless of course you’re a new animal he finds unworthy of his time. Frank tolerated puppy Elsa but swatted her nose when he felt she was out of line and she of course learned quickly not to upset the small gray thing. Frank welcomed Ludo like a long lost brother when the new giant dog was brought into the family. When Frank was introduced to my mother in law’s Beagles he was having none of it. He hissed, and swatted and in less than five minutes the dogs turned over authority to the fierce and crabby cat. To this day they avoid getting too close and he happily lords over them. Frank been an absolute delight, having brightened up our home for the past 7+ years and will hopefully continue to do so for many years to come.